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Culture / Vision


For everyone at BLP, our values and integrity will always be more important than the bottom line. How we conduct our lives is the same philosophy we bring to every business transaction and every relationship we encounter through the process.


“My reputation is built on trust and I build trust by being fair, honest, transparent, caring and authentic to my team and my clients."

"I speak the truth and encourage others always."

"Trust is the single most important thing I work on every day – every action taken and word spoken reinforces trust and builds the BLP reputation!”


“I accept the responsibility of all I have been entrusted with and strive to deliver an exceptional customer experience every time.”

“To whom much is given, much is required – I lead through my service to others and am willing to stand up, take action and achieve the seemingly impossible!”

“I hone my craft and skills through continuous improvement that I will lead well.”

Postitive Attitude

"My attitude has a positive impact on everyone I speak with and meet."

"I desire to make a difference at home, work and in my community."

"I encourage others and treat everyone with respect."

"I am passionate about what I do and seek to find the best in every person and situation."


“I seek to motivate and energize others.”

“I inspire through my integrity, work ethic and desire to see others succeed.”

“I inspire my family, clients and teammates by striving to be the best I can be.”


“I seek creative, out-of-the box solutions that help others win in every aspect of business to deliver an exceptional customer experience every time.”

“I make the effort to determine and execute the best solution…not the easiest.”

“I’m an ‘imagineer’; I believe in what can be done – not what has been done.”

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